The woolventure begins…

Today is the first day of October, and a sunny day too. All in all a good day to start something new. Also, it is the first day of what Karen from Fringe Association termed Slow Fashion October, an initiative intended to celebrate responsible and sustainable fashion. Although I’m in no way knowledgeable about the topic, this seems like a good excuse for learning about it, as well as to stop postponing the starting of this blog.

first post

So introductions are due. I’m Orsi, a future ex-PhD student in linguistics (just handed in my dissertation), and currently living in Galicia, the north-west corner of Spain. Although completely irrelevant for knitting and making, I’m also a runner (feel free to check out for runventures). Although I’ve known the basics of knitting and crocheting since I was young, I never ventured to make anything more complicated than a stockinette scarf with a few stripes in it until a little over two years ago. As it happens to many, little by little I am learning about and getting more and more absorbed by the knowledge and talent found in the online knitting community.

I am in no way an artist or crafter, and I was also never particularly interested in fashion, although, naturally, I love nice things. I would define myself as a beginning maker, and what fascinates me is to learn to make different garments, new techniques that allow to shape them or create different textures. It is all about the adventure of learning.

I’ve decided to seize the opportunity to start the blog today, precisely because Karen’s initiative creates a great incentive for learning and thinking/writing and having a dialogue about topics I’ve been interested in for a while. As I’ve said, I’m in no way knowledgeable, but I’ll aim to read and learn as much as I can and think of ways to apply what I learn to real life. Making-wise, I’ll aim to finish my Carpino sweater (Carol Feller for Brooklyn Tweed) and some special project I may reveal later. And most importantly, I’ll try keep posting on the blog since I’ve started 😉

2 thoughts on “The woolventure begins…

  1. This is wonderful! I’m excited to start reading your blog from the very beginning. I hope you continue. I would argue that you’re totally a crafter, you do beautiful work 😉 Excited to see your finished projects!


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