Tutorial Tuesday: Knitter Talk 101

Even if you are not entirely new to knitting, you might remember the first times when you were exposed to the language used by the forever expanding online knitting community. What on earth is a LYS? Or you frogged what? You made some cakes on Sunday afternoon – so you might own a bakery as well as running a knitting blog…

As a linguist and having been involved in research related to lexicography I find the use and evolution of these knitting specific terms fascinating. It might even be possible to create a Knitionary that describes the meanings and use of these, together with other expressions referring to specific knitting techniques. So, where do we start? What would you include in a Knitionary?

knitionary v01

Knitionary v.0.1

Download here: Knitionary v01


3 thoughts on “Tutorial Tuesday: Knitter Talk 101

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