WIPs and queue check

It’s Monday again. Last weekend came and went with rather little knitting in it – in part due to my new Kindle and a sudden urge to read all I can get my hands on. After finishing my rapid Hermaness Worsted, there are essentially three WIPs left in my imaginary knitting basket:

  1. The Carpino sweater by Carol Feller. Yesterday I finally picked it up again to continue working on the sleeves. I’m currently halfway through the left one, and finding it excruciatingly boring… which makes me daydreaming about future projects. I really have to get done with this before getting started on anything else.
  2. The Little Wave cardigan by Gudrun Johnston. This is a guy’s version, being made for Chan. It’s been around I don’t even remember since when. I put it on hold during the summer – it was already bulky and little portable for holiday knitting. Now that winter’s on us, I should get it done soon. You know, “winter is coming, knit faster”, as they say… And this is a real fun pattern too!
  3. The Rib-Wise Tank by the Purl Soho. Ouch! I was knitting this over the beginning of summer in hopes of finishing in time to wear. Which didn’t happen greatly due to the nightmarish attached l-cord, which took ages to master. Also, I’m a bit disappointed in how it turned out (a bit too short, and the neck shaping a bit medieval), so I kind of lost motivation. Will have to give it a go these days though and see if blocking helps. I really hope I’ll not have to end up frogging it, since now the only missing parts is l-cord around the neck…

queue check collage


Since we are moving across the world in January, I’d better knit up as much as I can from my stash and/or give away whatever I can. I don’t know how I’ll manage, and I seem to become more and more hysterical. I had bought yarn for:

  1. Another Little Wave cardigan (lady version), for myself. I am dying to get started because it is the same yarn as the one I used for the Hermaness and really liked working with it. It also is going to be a similar rust colour as the one appearing on the original photographs of the pattern, which I just love love love. Will see how it goes.
  2. The Reversible Rivulet Scarf by the Purl Bee. Again, my yarn is a very similar lime-green to the original sample. I’m starting to think I choose patterns not because of the actual pattern, but because of the colours. In fact, I’ve been thinking of using the same yarn for a sweater instead, because I’m no longer sure whether I’m a scarf person or not. At any rate, this might end up being my in-flight project for the January move.

What is going to become of the rest of my stash is a good question. I will have to do some pattern hunting as I might have enough left over yarn for a colour work sweater in pale violets. And some colour work mittens/beanies should also be due for Christmas. Having said this, I might as well just quit my job, social life, training plan and other hobbies to get all the knitting done…


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