My woolventures: Arched Gusset Mittens by Purl Soho

I commute on the bike, so come autumn my hands start to feel cold – especially in the mornings. Ever since I realised my knitting skills could be furthered from straight elongated shapes (i.e. scarves) to something more complex, I started picturing myself gliding elegantly through the streets wearing a pair of hand-knit gloves. Mind you, I usually wear a rather unelegant but practical red softshell jacket to cycle – to ward off the wind and the rain. Still, I had a rather vivid image of myself dressed in a skirt and a nice grey woollen coat plus bright-coloured gloves.

Soon I realized that the gloves had to be yellow. Something like this:


Photo: Purl Soho

I think I have already mentioned that I tend  to choose patterns because of the colours the samples are knit in. The Arched Gusset Mittens by Purl Soho are yet another example. It was not only the colour though, I love how simple they are – plain stockinette – yet original with the, well, arched gusset, which imitates the natural curves of hands.

Eventually, I didn’t get started on the project though until about mid July, when in the midst of dissertation write-up crisis, I decided I needed an emergency knitting kit to carry around, just in case. You never know, when you need the soothing powers of your circular needles and a ball of yarn. This is how a skein of mustard alpaca found its way to a smallish canvas bag and in that to my backpack.

Hence, the mittens assumed something of a therapeutic role, as illustrated below. Surely, you need therapy when brushing up on your stats.


Eventually I finished the pair of mittens in mid August (perfect timing, eh?), right before leaving on our fabulous and well deserved holidays in Italy.

And now, dear friends, with my dissertation finished and November turning chilly, I might even find an occasion to dress my imaginary cycling outfit and wear them!

Photo 21-08-15 7 26 33 am


Pattern: Arched Gusset Mittens by Purl Soho

Yarn: ~0.7 skein of Drops Alpaca (in colourway 2923 – golden rod)

Needles: 3.5 mm (knitted in size adult large to get adult small)

Note: This was the first time ever that I worked a thumb gusset. Despite following the pattern instructions, I found that it is not really possible to do this without ending up having a hole at the stem of the thumb. This blog post gives some useful tips for avoiding gusset holes. Eventually, what I did was to I pick up one additional stitch on the side of the centre stitch at the stem of the thumb, which then I worked into the following round as k2tog.

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