Planning, planning… Coda sweater?

One thing knitting teaches you is to value and plan your wardrobe. With the time and effort it takes to finish a garment, after the initial mindless buying of yarn on a whim, thinking to knit all that’s out there, you end up learning to be more thoughtful.

Last week I told you about me owning yarn to knit the Reversible Rivulet Scarf, but finding that I am not much of a scarf person after all. So, I’ve been browsing and browsing patterns in search of a sweater to make instead. My problem however was not only that of finding one sweater but that of finding THE sweater for which I would have enough yarn too.

The yarn in my stash is a finger weight alpaca, which I was thinking of holding it double for the scarf, so the yardage would have been pretty much enough for anything asking for this yarn weight. However, I’m already knitting my Carpino using the same yarn quality, and, to be honest, I don’t think I can bear to knit another sweater with such a thin yarn so soon. I need something quicker. But for that the available yardage seemed tricky.

That’s when Ravelry comes into play! I’m forever grateful to its creators knowing just exactly what a knitter needs. Search for a cable sweater, set required yardage and there you go! The options were sort of scarce, but I fell in love with this one: the Coda sweater by Olga Buraya-Kefelian.


I’m always short of pullovers to wear with skirts and this springy item seems airy enough to support the harsh lime green colour yarn I have. Right now it seems like the perfect plan. This Monday hasn’t been for nothing after all…

4 thoughts on “Planning, planning… Coda sweater?

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