My woolventures: Long-legged bunny by Kristi Tullus

Yes, I’ve even be tempted to venture into the realm of amigurumi. I don’t quite remember how it happened. Fair enough, as a kid I was utterly obsessed with cute plush animal figures, and amigurumis are by definition cute. And something new to try out – somehow I think I’d always wanted to give a go at making toys. In any case, I somehow came across this very cute free patten by Kristi Tullus.


The first crochet bunny and his little sister in the making

On the first run, I gave it a go in a wool-alpaca blend yarn back around Februray this year. I think I didn’t get the head quite right, since as a complete newbie I struggled to understand where rounds began an ended in a circular crochet project. Also, even though there is a warning to sew the legs a bit towards the front of the body, I mustn’t have got that either, since the bunny now tends to struggle to keep the balance while seated. It still is cute, of course 😉

This little one was sent to Wellington in a parcel

This little one was sent to Wellington in a parcel

The second and third bunny attempts were more justified, as they were made for two friends or rather their new born babies. This time, I used a cotton yarn – assuming that this way the toys can be more easily cleaned, and made the floppy eared version. One bunny now lives with its little owner in Wellington, New Zealand, while the other – crocheted more recently during our brief trip to Maastricht – found its new home in Budapest, Hungary.

Once we are settled in our future home, I’m sure I’m going to make use of more of Kristi’s well-written patterns to create some cheerful decoration – and more baby gifts, as they just keep coming. I can only recommend them to anyone interested to have a shot at amigurumi.

And this one helped me survive a 32k trail run... and earn second place

And this one helped me survive a 32k trail run… and earn second place

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