Wool ramblings: Capsule by Olga Buraya-Kefelian

I don’t know whether this happens to anyone else, but me, when I set my eyes (or rather, my needles) on something by a given designer, I keep bumping into their work as if by accident. Last week I wrote about my idea of using the yarn in my stash destined for the Reversible Rivulet scarf to knit the Coda sweater instead.

Well, only a few days later, when browsing through Google Now recommendations during my commute, I came across a story about Brooklyn Tweed releasing a knitting book collection called Capsule. By coincidence the very first volume of the collection is contains precisely designs by Olga Buraya-Kefelian, the author of the Coda sweater. Considering this a “sign”, I went on to leaf through the lookbook advertising the publication.

I find Olga’s designs really cool in that they all seem to have something unusual and exciting: knit pattern, construction, shape, texture… This kind of makes me feel drawn to them – as I guess other knitters too. I’m too curious to not to want to try out for example the hexagonal construction of Cusp. At the same time, both the Tetrapods scarf and the Jujika cawl seem more wearable and more easy to undertake projects. Nevertheless, for me at least, the Ebb dress looks like a must have garment, something that if I once put it on, would never want to take off… if only it wasn’t a project that would potentially take forever to complete in endless stockinette…

I guess it’s good I already have enough on my needles to deal with 😉

Capsule Collage

Left-right, top-buttom: Cusp, Tetrapods, Jujika, Ebb. Photos by BT



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