Multitask knitting

Knitting is supposed to be a relaxing free time activity. Nevertheless, given it’s rather time consuming nature, I sometimes get anxious thinking I’m not making the best of my time by only just knitting. This is especially true when I’m working on boring stockinette sections, like this weekend, when I was attempting to advance the second sleeve of the Carpino sweater. My bet is that I should be able to combine knitting with other activities to feel somewhat more productive. Options are somewhat limited, however, since knitting requires both hands, plus a certain amount of attention.

One obvious option is listening to music, which is kind of a passive activity, but it can be fun. Another easy option is watching a movie, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. I usually try to seize the opportunity to get some knitting done during our evening movie sessions at home, however, this implies the risk of either missing out on the plot or messing up my work… Don’t ask me what the second season of True Detective was about…


Movies, music & books – what is your knitting companion?

I sometimes feel like it would be ideal to meet up with friends, say, for coffee, and knit while we are chatting away. Unfortunately, I currently don’t have any active knitter friends. I shall put it on my to-do list to train some new recruits. Of course the best thing ever would be to combine knitting with reading… I know some are able to do this, but for me it works only for a short time, and, again, with the risk of messing up everything. For the future I may consider audio books.

Do you multitask?

3 thoughts on “Multitask knitting

  1. I feel the same way whenever I knit. Like I should be doing something more productive. I think it’s because I crave instant gratification, if I can’t see the finished product now then I’m unsatisfied or I feel like I’m wasting time.

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  2. I always multitask with everything! With knitting I need something going on in the background or else my mind runs free and that’s not always too good. I used to struggle with feeling like my time got ‘wasted’, too, but in the past 6 months or so that feeling’s gone away. I’m not sure how or why.

    My best guess is: 1) I learned continental so I knit pretty fast now, 2) I’m capable of making very useful items like sweaters and socks, as opposed to decorative items, which means I feel like I’m working on something useful and 3) I ask myself what else I would possibly be doing that’s more productive than knitting and the answer is always “actually, nothing”.

    I’ve come to consider knitting useful on its own, even if some parts can get boring. The end result will be something nice and wearable and I’ve had the pleasure of gifting garments to others who are getting tremendous joy and use out of it. On those projects I also had boring parts. I guess I reassociated the boring parts with positive things?

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