New year, new plans..

Now, it might just be a bit late for new year posts, but it seems like something that’s due after the longish period of silence on the blog.

Just to provide some excuses, December and January have been kind of overwhelming. It would not be entirely correct to say that much was going on at the same time, but it was still overwhelming. I had some teaching and marking on my hands, and I had my thesis defence on the 18th (yeai I’m a doctor now…), and finally, after a week we spent in Tenerife,  away from the madness, I had to start packing up my stuff to move no less than to literally the other side of the world. So now I’m in Wellington, NZ, which remarkably is just a few hundred kms away from the exact antipode of Coruña.


As one can imagine, not much knitting got done in the above mentioned period, still, just the day before yesterday I managed to finish whatever little work was left to do of my Carpino Sweater. I’ll write about it in more detail in a future post, for now, here is a photo of the FO (still unblocked):


The Carpino Sweater fresh off the needles

This means that some queue check is due:

  1. The Coda sweater by Olga Buraya-Kefelian. As I explained in a previous post, I had made up my mind to use the Alpaca yarn originally bought for the Reversible Rivulet Scarf to knit this cropped spring sweater. It was going to be my in-flight knit on the way to Wellies, but eventually I had cast on and completed much of the stockinette body during our trip to Tenerife, while I did not touch the needles during our long flight here. Now that the Carpino is done, it’s sweater 2 on the go.
  2. The Little Wave cardigan by Gudrun Johnston. Poor Chan, his cardigan is still on hold, as I’m more excited about the Coda right now. But I shall still resume work on this piece soon (fingers crossed). To the record, I should aim not to knit in dark black/grey colours, it’s not very inspiring.

Other plans:

  1. The lady version of the Little Wave cardigan by Gudrun Johnston. Still dying to knit it and still loving the yarn.
  2. If you read my previous WIP post, you know that I was on the verge of completing a version of the Rib-Wise Tank by the Purl Soho. Well, now I kind of decided that I don’t really like the result, so I might as well just frog it, and make something else instead. I’m not sure if it’s the yarn (alpaca-silk blend) or what, but I just cannot see myself wearing it. A pity, thinking of the countless knitting hours.. but, I guess it’s better to make something that I would actually use. For a while, I’ve been contemplating the idea of knitting a Fair Isle-ish sweater, and now I’m thinking the yarn from the Tank can just be part of that plan – I have more of the same quality in stash in cream as well as other violetish-purplish shades. Just need to settle on a pattern.
  3. I need to think of more stash reducing measures. I have been playing around with some ideas to commit some very bright coloured superwash merino I thought at some point it was good idea to experiment with. These include making Christmas decoration, which did not happen last year and/or some colourwork cowl/gloves. I haven’t quite settled on anything, but the Akari mittens by Tatiana Sarasa from Amirisu Winter 2015 seem to be a good starting point for inspiration for some fun knit.

Loving this photo of the Akari mittens

P.S.: I remembered that at some point in December I made a version of the Hermaness Hat in fingering weight yarn. I don’t quite have a proper photo, and I think it must be sitting in one of the boxes slowly making their way over here in a container…

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