Baskets and containers…

Our recent move to New Zealand not only came with a change of scenery when it comes to landscapes, but also regarding our home. While I’ve lived in smallish apartments near the city centre my whole life, now I find myself in a house in the suburbs. It will definitely take some time to get used to the new lifestyle of having to drive everywhere, but, on the positive side, now there is plenty of space for knitting and yarns. Also, a lot of things are needed to make the place cosy.

Now, I’m not rejoicing excessively in the prospect of having to decorate our new home from almost scratch, but I did note some making possibilities, which haven’t been there before, and which I have always been keen to try my hands at. So, one of the things I always wanted to make – just never needed to – is some knit or crochet baskets to store things on bathroom shelves. And now that I started looking at baskets… I feel the absolute need for a knitting basket sitting next to the couch as well. Who doesn’t?

The funny thing is that, even with such simple items, Pintrest and Ravelry offer an endless amount of variations to get lost amongst. So, in what follows, I’m going to record some of the things I have in mind.

basket collage

  1. Knit or crochet? At this point I’m certainly more comfortable with knitting as a technique, although simple crochet in the round does not scare me either. While, I think, a crochet basket is probably more sturdy, knitting can render more fun textures. I think I’ll go with knitting for the bathroom containers, and maybe crochet for the knitting basket. I love the simplicity of the garter stitch bread basket by Drops Design, but I also quite like the idea of using different stitch patterns for each individual container as in Erin Black’s Chunky Knit Basket Set.
  2. Felted or not? A few days ago I had a quick look around in one of the cafés here which doubles as a small shop selling designer items. The one thing that absolutely stole my heart was a round two-coloured felted basket. I really thought that would be just the perfect yarn basket… I’ve never tried felting though. Well, I kind of like the look of Jem Weston’s Felted Toy Basket, which does in fact resemble the one I saw – only that was round. I might prefer more contrasting colours though, like in the case of Lena Skvargerson’s Triplet Baskets. In any case, felting is an option only in the case of my future knitting basket, as the bathroom containers will be made of cotton.
  3. Colourwork? From the moment I saw it, I know I needed to make something like Drop Design’s Quito. The colours are so bathroomy… they remind me of a summer day on the beach. This can be an extra addition to monochrome knit containers? Will see, will see… For the knitting basket, I’m almost sure that I’ll go with two colours as in the previous images.

7 thoughts on “Baskets and containers…

  1. I love making (crochet) baskets! For a period of time I was crazy about colourful mandalas but then I felt guilty for spending time — that I am not spending with my children — on something quite “useless”. Baskets made me feel better, haha. I still think the sturdiest (and fastest) are the ones made with thick recycled textile yarn (like the ones made by but I’m quite sick of the chunky look and have been wondering how to incorporate colours and patterns. Do post about your experience with the Quito pattern from Drops! I have a bunch of Drops cotton yarn waiting for crochet inspiration to hit.


    • Thanks for your comment! Don’t feel guilty for doing something for yourself that you enjoy 😉 Although, I knot it’s difficult sometimes…
      I also share your feelings about textile yarn, that is why I’d like to try do something else. I guess if the fabric doesn’t end up being stiff enough, you can still use some sort of a fabric stiffener. Haha, will share whatever turns out of the Drops basket.. although it might be who knows when 😛

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  2. I am about to begin my crochet baskets project soon in neutral colours and I was thinking of going for stripes. In any case crochet is my choice and second choice is felt. Felt is magic but I wouldn’t suggest it for bathroom basket. 😉


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