Tips: Blocking board

This morning I’ve finally blocked my Carpino sweater. It was high time, since it had been off the needles for a few weeks now. I just hadn’t had an appropriate surface to pin in to.

The day before yesterday I spent some time online looking at options, prices and alternatives. This is one frustrating thing about our new housing situation: I can’t no longer get my bike and cycle to check out what they have in LYS or DIY shops, like in good old Europe. Plus I’m not allowed to drive on my license, so I’m left with asking Chan to drive me around to look for silly knitting supply, so I’d better get a good idea about where to go…


My research led to conclude that whatever they sell as “official” blocking boards are generally quite pricey for what they are. I also found this blog post (and other similar ones) explaining how to make a DIY blocking board with squares allowing to easily measure the extended piece. While the idea seems great, at this point I didn’t feel like investing this much energy. Eventually I decided that I will just look for the same – or similar – foam mat various knitting brands sell, only outside of the knitting realm. And voilà, I came across a foam floor mat in Mitre10 for 24 NZD.

And they work like a dream. The four pieces fit together are more than big enough for a sweater, and I think, maybe arranged differently, they should a shawl too. Thanks to the ongoing warm summer weather my Carpino is already almost dry, so I’m as happy as one can be.

IMG_20160212_191637 (1).jpg

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