Summer dreams…

I spent a good part of this morning tweaking the curved back cable on the Coda sweater, which is now done! Hurray! But, truth be told, amongst the rather exceptional and almost incessant Wellington sunshine over the past week, I couldn’t help myself thinking how I – again – missed out on knitting at least one summer top. Of course, I can blame this on a combination the sudden change of seasons (due to our move), my slow knitting pace and unattainable queue. Conclusion: better planning is needed. Meanwhile, I leave here a few new and old favourites – sometime I might actually get to where some of them:


  1. Delineate by Olga Buraya-Kefelian from the latest issue of the Pompom Quarterly. This is actually the piece that started me on thinking of knit summer tops a few weeks ago. I just love the back! I’m not so fond of the V-neck though, so if I am to knit this, that shall probably go.

  2. Lemon by Helga Isager. I love everything about this top, it’s just so much me. Unfortunately, this seems to be one of those difficult-if-not-impossible to find patterns out there. Any ideas?

  3. Amélie by Gudrun Johnston. Oh well, yet another pattern by Gudrun I like. This is more of a style I used to go for years back – still, this top can be such a classic, casual but elegant basic item of ones wardrobe. I’m I not right?
  4. 夏 – Xia (Summer) by Kessa Tay Anlin. I favourited this one on Ravelry ages ago. Another classic girly top.

  5.  Jasmine Tea by Amanda Bell. Ok, I’m not sure this is a look I’d go for, but there’s something intriguing about this kind of lacy tops. I’d just really like to knit one, don’t ask me why. Well just to see how it works…
  6. Kit Camisole by Bristol Ivy. So simple, so cosy, so summery. No idea what it would look on me though.

p.s.: Dear Northern Hemisphere friends, do not despair of the cold, rain and snow, just think that you are lucky to be in time to start summer wardrobe planning!

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