Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening is the subtitle to the latest issue of the Pompom Quarterly. Rather ironic to post with this title right now, as it has been one gloomy beginning-of-autumn day here in Wellington. Although I had had the digital download for some time now, I didn’t have a good thorough look through the magazine until the print version arrived at our door step at the end of last week. And what a pleasant surprise! It came with a little handwritten note. This might not be a novelty factor to those who have ordered copies from the web site.. for me this was the first time, and I’m completely in awe at this really heart-warming gesture (little do I need for happiness, right?) Thank you Pompom!


The 2016 Spring issue of Pompom celebrates natural beauty, that of yarn and the creatures it comes from. Accordingly, all patterns offered are presented in undyed natural colours. This is probably the reason why most of the projects hadn’t conquer my colour-loving heart on the computer screen, so I mainly ordered this issue because of the Delineate summer top I mentioned in an earlier post. But now that I had my share of the smell of real paper and a chance to have a closer look at the rest, I really do feel like I have to knit most of what is in this issue…

My new favourite is the Right Angle top by Georgia Farrel.  It is totally me, and I just can’t believe I hadn’t noticed it before. I really need to teach myself to pay attention not only to things knit up in bright eye-catching colours. A close second is the Unfold cowl from Yuliya Tkacheva. As a matter of fact, I was on the verge of designating some newly acquired NZ yarn to it (more on this in a latter post), when I noticed it is crocheted and not knit… Although there is an illustrated crochet tutorial in the magazine, I will leave this project to gloomier winter evenings. Next up is Rhombille by Gina Röckenwagner, looking super interesting and super cosy and quick knit in aran weight yarn. And I also have my mind set to Striated from Nicki Merrall. This last one might actually be the first of these plans to materialize as I think it might be a good project to put the surplus yarn from the Carpino to use. Also, it seems easy and small enough to become a fun carry-around knitting project.

So many cool patterns in one magazine, that’s what I call a good investment… (years of knitting in there…)


Photos: Amy Gwatkin (Pompom)

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