May the 4th be with you!

Now, I was planning on writing yet another boring WIPs post today. Boring, because – as it seems usual – I haven’t managed to get so much done on the knitting front lately. Then I received a link from my Mom telling me about a Star Wars model exhibition at her library… weird, hey? I mean, my Mom and Star Wars in the library? Then it dawned on me, oh, it’s May 4th, that day when you are supposed to pull out you inner geek.

This train of thought sort of predictably prompted me to do a quick search on Star Wars related knitting. And wow, I cannot stop myself from reflecting on how amazingly committed and creative people are when it comes to joining knitting and galactic geekiness. And here I am complaining about knitting some horses on a hat…

These two mittens just made my day, I wish I had the time and the patience, as I know exactly who they would make laugh real hard! The ones on the left are the Chewie Mittens, and on the right Scoundel Mittens, both by Therese Sharp whose Ravelry page you might want to check out for more funky mittens.

“The double knitting technique is great. It has a light side, and a dark side, it binds the scarf together…” says notanicedragon. Well I don’t know about how great it is to actually execute double knitting (might try it some day), but I’m sure that if somebody gifted me with a Star Wars Double Knit Scarf, I would have the same incredulous face as the lucky recipient on this Ravelry knitter‘s photo. This is a free pattern by the way, and I’d say it’s also worth looking at additions and variations made by other knitters.


Photo credit: Tortricoli

p.s. Anette was really kind to share her blog/website in a comment. I’m going to post it here, so it is more visible. May the Forth Be With You Party compiles all sorts of fun craft ideas to though you perfect Star Wars-themed party!


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