Planning: Colourwork sweater – Stage 1

So, after this week’s previous post on buying yarn, here is another about using up stash. What now seems like ages ago, I started knitting – and pretty much almost finished – Purl Soho’s Rib-Wise Tank. I had been really wanting to have a tank top, and why not a knitted one. However, I made the mistake of buying the wrong yarn. Drops’ Baby Alpaca Silk is a wonderfully soft yarn, but, even though it is sold as “cooling when hot”, it is way too fuzzy and wintery looking for a summer garment (possibly also too hot). What was I thinking? Alpaca, seriously? Well, a beginner’s mistake, lesson learnt. In any case, now I’m stuck with four different colourways of this yarn, three, three, three and four skeins each. (I was planning on making two different tops).

Given that three-four skeins alone are not enough to make a sweater, I have to find a colourwork option. I’m a bit unsure though, as I’m not that big on colour knitting (although this might be the chance to learn). One option, a pullover I’d very much like to knit actually, would be League by Veronik Avery, but again, I don’t have enough yarn of one colour to complete the body. Plus, I think this sporty pullover would be look odd with a shiny silky yarn. Yet another option is to pick one sweater and make it with a color block effect. I might have enough yarn to do that, although it is risky.

The two main patterns I have been considering more seriously are Stasis by Leila Raabe and First Fair Isle published in Amirisu Winter 2015. I’m quite undecided though… good thing I still have enough things going on to keep me busy for a while.

Photos – top left: League by Veronik Avery, top right: First Fair Isle by Yu Cu, bottom left: Stasis by Leila Raabe, bottom right: hastily recoloured image of colourblock Stasis






3 thoughts on “Planning: Colourwork sweater – Stage 1

  1. Ooh, nice choices! I really like the look of the Avery sweater, and it also seems like it would take the least amount of time to finish. The Amirisu one is also gorgeous, and you would definitely have amazing colorwork skills after finishing that one! And then the other sweater seems like a nice in between … Can’t wait to see which one you decide on! 🙂


    • Hi Susanne! Thanks for your comment 🙂 Yep, it is a difficult choice… and knowing myself, by the time I get started, I´ll have even more options lined up. Will see by “stage 2″…


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