June WIP and queue check

I think not even I myself believe it, but I have managed to tick off to item from my WIP list since last time. These are the Coda sweater and the Little Wave cardigan. In fact, if we want to be strict, the second is still missing buttons and I have yet to get Chan model it in daylight to take some pics. But hey, it is time for a new list!

  1. Baya shawl by Mindi Wilkes: Surprise, surprise, this item has sneakily leapt to the top of my list. I never said a word of it, but I’ve sort of had a secret fancy for this shawlette, and I guess I really wanted to knit something colourful after the big grey Little Wave. Also, I’ve been dying to try my hands at some proper lace, and I might have accidentally  bought yarn for this project in the recent past (you know about trying to rationalize the shipping cost on mail orders…). Anyway, I swatched and now I’m knitting endless rows of lace.
  2. Striated cowl: My on the go project has grown considerably, but now it is on hold. For two reasons: 1) it is grey, 2) I’m using the 3.5 mm needles for the Baya, so I don’t think I’ll be back to this until at least the lace section is finished. But I was in no hurry anyway.
  3. Knitting basket: I haven’t laid my eyes on this project since the last WIP post. No advances, unfortunatelly.

I think right now I’m quite comfortable with what is on my needles, with no feelings of desperation as to finishing anything, just knitting away. The next bigger project I’m going to cast on for once the Baya is done will be my own Little Wave cardigan. Other than that, I have a few smaller things in mind, which can become my next on the go projects, but more on that later.



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