FO: Little Wave Cardigan

It seems like the greatest enemy of knitters is sewing. I often find myself obsessively knitting a piece to be finished when I can see the end is near. However, I often have knitted pieces all done waiting to be seamed together… well, for ages.

With the Little Wave Cardigan things were getting almost pathological. The garment is actually knitted as one piece, so the only seaming/sewing you have to do is that of the pockets and some kitchener stitch at the back neck. And that was kind of still exciting. But then, buttons. I had the cardigan sitting in a canvas bag under the coffee table for weeks before I got round to sewing the buttons on. It was so much more appealing to get in some progress on the Baya Shawl (now also finished).

In any case, last week finally Chan got to wear his hand knitted cardigan for the first time, and eventually we also had some non-rainy days so I could take a few outdoors shots.


All in all the pattern was straightforward to follow. The little wave stitch is easy to memorize, probably the biggest struggle was to not to mix up the right and the left twist stitches. I especially liked the clever shaping at the shoulders and back.

Possibly my least favourite part about knitting this pattern was the collar, which actually is a garter stitch strip that runs all around from the bottom right edge to the bottom left, meaning excruciatingly long rows. By the way, at least in the size I knit (36 1/2) , following the instructions I ended up picking up a few stitches less at the edges below the shoulders than specified in the pattern. Probably I just messed something up.

Chan Littlewave.jpg

One last thing to mention is the yarn. I used Drops Big Merino, which I had previously knitted a hat with. I immediately fell in love with this yarn because it is soft, knits up evenly and has awesome stitch definition, not to mention the price point.

Unfortunately, soon after I had bought the yarn for this cardigan I found a few reviews stating that it grows and stretches disproportionately when blocked/washed. As of now I do not have much to say about that as my hat and the several swatches I knitted held up well in both machine wash (wool program) and simple soaking. I have not blocked the full cardigan though as the fabric is even and smooth as it is, so I did not want to take a risk. Washing it will be the next adventure.

Pattern: Little Wave by Gudrun Johnston (BT Wool People Vol. 6)
Yarn: Drops Big Merino in colourway Anthracite
Needles: 4.5 mm (US 7) and 5 mm (US 8)
Size: 36 1/2

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