Yarn bomb in Rotorua

A few weeks ago we spent the weekend in Rotorua. This small town is a popular tourist destination on the North Island of New Zealand, famous mainly for the geothermal areas with their geysers, bubbling mud pools and hot thermal springs. Other than a spa destination, visitors are also treated to plenty great mountain biking and hiking trails.

Upon our arrival we headed to the Redwoods forest for a short run to stretch our legs after the long drive from Wellington. A run that was followed by a brief photo session to immortalise the yarn bombed wooden statues greeting the visitors to the forest. What a fun idea to dress up these figures in funky colourful knits! – I feel so sorry that the phone camera and the dark cloudy day didn’t provide for better shots. A quick search revealed that it is none other than the Rotorua Yarnbombers “to blame” for the feat. Based on their Facebook page, they seem to be up to some good fun those people 😉

Happening upon the yarn bombed figures was also such a great coincidence as I had just read the post From knitter to yarn bomber in 5 easy steps on the lovely Woolyventures blog. Even if you’ve never thought about adorning a public space with yarn, go ahead and have a read, you’ll sure to get inspired. Also, check out the Rock Vandals website for more yarn bomb projects.

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