Favourites from Making No. 2 – Fauna

I clearly have a thing for craft books and magazines. I remember being a little girl, when there wasn’t really an abundance of resources available in Hungary, and so often I would hold a book in your hands with its lovely projects, wondering where on earth I could get the necessary materials and tools from. In particular, my mother owned a red book called the “Big book of handcrafts”, which I would never get tired of. I would leaf through the book over and over again, choosing new favourite projects each time, and feeling amazed at the same time as utterly overwhelmed. I wanted to make EVERYTHING that was in there, only, for the most part, I didn’t know how or I did’t dare to ask for money to buy threads or yarns or whatnot.


Holding the Making magazine in my hands evokes a similar feeling. I wish I had all the time in the world and access to all the supplies, ingredients and tools I can imagine – as well as the combined skills of a regiment of lovely grannies, to be able to make everything from cover to cover. Carrie Bostick Hoge’s editorial project is so well thought through and executed, featuring a collection of gorgeous fiber projects, accompanied by lovely photography, inspiring articles and mouthwatering recipes. It really is a great display of what a pair of able crafty hands are capable of, from making garments to crafting toys and homeware.

It is so so so hard to pick favourites, even if I restrain myself to knitting projects (there are 17 of them!) – since realistically I’m not going to be transitioning to sewing or embroidery anytime soon. I’ll still attempt a top 3 of items I see myself highly likely to cast on at some point in the future:


  1. Open Waters Cowl by Melanie Berg. I’ve already mentioned in an earlier post how much I loved this design. Such a special-looking stitch and such an exceptionally unique cowl.
  2.  Arctic Cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hoge. This cardigan promises to be a fast(ish) knit and it’s so simple and wearable. I’m definitely sold.
  3. Byssus Cocoon by Bristol Ivy. I’ve declared my love for shrugs before, which I find far more practical and easier to wear than shawls. This looks like the perfect thin layer to throw on in a cool summer evening.

On a final note, Making is only available in paper format, meaning no digital copies. I’ve been fortunate to find it in the lovely Minerva store here in Wellington, but I’ve seen it’s sold out already in so many places. In case you miss out and really fancy some of the projects, as far as I can see, patterns from the previous issue (but not the current one) are now available for purchase through digital download on Ravelry.

Top 3 knnitting patterns.png

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