And a new adventure begins…

Until now this blog has pretty much exclusively been all about knitting, yarn and wooly things. I might have passingly mentioned other (time consuming) hobbies of mine such as running, but I never wrote about other crafty endeavours.

Truth be told, over the last couple of years I got totally hooked to knitting and forgot about my other passion, which is making jewellery from whatever materials. In the general scheme of things, I think pretty much any craft is appealing to me, simply because I love to solve puzzles and find out how things are made. Plus, I like beautiful things, and whenever I see something I like my immediate thought is: how can I make this?

While I do believe that knitted fabric is one of the most gorgeous things on Earth, I also do consider that knitting is a very useful hobby. I mean, I literally cannot take my knitted things off. Every now and then I make an effort to wear a sweater from my pre-knitter life, but believe me it’s a struggle. Probably this is the reason – other than lack of material time – that I had set my jewellery making aside. These days I hardly wear any jewellery, which is quite a change from my younger self. I’m still fascinated though by nice looking accessories and have an urge to make them.

I’ve done beading since a young age, I still remember anxiously waiting for my baby brother to fall asleep for his midday nap so I could take out my beads – at the time considered to constitute a serious hazard in the presence of a toddler. Through the years I would always come back to making jewellery, be it using beads, embroidery thread or wire. I used to find wire jewellery quite enchanting, as it meant working with metal and creating something that was closest to “real” jewellery without much special equipment. While at university, I attended a workshop on brass enamel jewellery making and got a taster of real metalsmithing. I loved it, and, perhaps for a brief moment dreamt of turning it into something more than a hobby, but went on to do some “real” work instead.

One morning several weeks ago, for some unknown reason, I picked up a pair of beaded earrings I hadn’t worn for years. When I walked into a cafe to grab a bite, the two girls at the counter spotted them and looked surprised when I said I made them myself.  Chan, who was standing next to me, smiled in satisfaction and announced “see, I always tell her she should sell this stuff”. True enough, together with others, he had said that quite a few times, but I had always felt that this comment, coming from people who do not do crafts, was superficial or somehow missing the point. Why could I not make things just for the sake of my own enjoyment? Why did people feel the obligation to advice me to turn my hobby into profit?

But then again, if I enjoy making things, but I’m not going to use them, why not try and sell them to people who will use and appreciate them? So, without really knowing what I was doing I “dusted off” my beading materials and set out to make a few things.

The obvious first step was to create an Etsy shop, which is now live, so I present to the world árbore·do·fogo! Currently four earrings are available in the shop, but more items are to pop up soon, so keep an eye out for updates. Also, to celebrate the big occasion, I’m offering 10% discount throughout October. Visit the árbore·do·fogo Instagram account to find the coupon code.

At this point I’m not sure what I’ll end up with, but it sure is exciting! 🙂