So it looks like it’s officially spring in New Zealand. First the new lambs and calves were born, and, I must tell you, they have been a delight to see during last month’s bike rides. Then we daylight saving came, so now there is light until later in the evening. And, finally, on Wednesday I set out for a run leaving my long sleeve top at home for the first time in months, and actually felt hot. 

These signs all point into thr same direction: I’d better get started on a summer top soon if I don’t want to be left without it one more year. What shall it be though? Previously I’d gathered a list of short sleeves and tank tops, but of course there are always new favourites.

If you remember the photo of my yarn sale acquisitions, you’d have spotted a cone of violet yarn. My impression is that it is some sort of a merino-cotton blend with some possum in it, something (or exactly?) like Zealana Kiwi

In my mind this yarn wants to become a Waterlily top. Although it somehow got left out of my original list, I’d been eyeing this tee for quite a while. The only thing I’m not so convinced with is the neck shaping. I think I’d prefer the neck to be round instead of the slight V-shape and, perhaps, a bit wider. I’m also secretly hoping that once I’ve knitted this type of bottom up tee with some lace, I’ll be confortable to make up my own variations. See all this self confidence coming from my #fringeandfriendskal2016 experience?

Waterlily by Meghan Fernandes. Photo credit: Juju Vail

My other long time plan has been to conjure up a top with a drawstring at the neck. I once tried on one of these and it seemed quite flattering, never owned one though. So I was jumping up and down with excitement a few days ago when I discovered Purl Soho’s Drawstring Camisole pattern. I was delighted to see how they came up with the same solutions I was thinking for the neck, so now I’m confident I can make it work. Although, knowing myself, I just won’t go for plain old stockinette. Have to add some texture.

Drawstring Camisole by Purl Soho

Planning: Colourwork sweater – Stage 1

So, after this week’s previous post on buying yarn, here is another about using up stash. What now seems like ages ago, I started knitting – and pretty much almost finished – Purl Soho’s Rib-Wise Tank. I had been really wanting to have a tank top, and why not a knitted one. However, I made the mistake of buying the wrong yarn. Drops’ Baby Alpaca Silk is a wonderfully soft yarn, but, even though it is sold as “cooling when hot”, it is way too fuzzy and wintery looking for a summer garment (possibly also too hot). What was I thinking? Alpaca, seriously? Well, a beginner’s mistake, lesson learnt. In any case, now I’m stuck with four different colourways of this yarn, three, three, three and four skeins each. (I was planning on making two different tops).

Given that three-four skeins alone are not enough to make a sweater, I have to find a colourwork option. I’m a bit unsure though, as I’m not that big on colour knitting (although this might be the chance to learn). One option, a pullover I’d very much like to knit actually, would be League by Veronik Avery, but again, I don’t have enough yarn of one colour to complete the body. Plus, I think this sporty pullover would be look odd with a shiny silky yarn. Yet another option is to pick one sweater and make it with a color block effect. I might have enough yarn to do that, although it is risky.

The two main patterns I have been considering more seriously are Stasis by Leila Raabe and First Fair Isle published in Amirisu Winter 2015. I’m quite undecided though… good thing I still have enough things going on to keep me busy for a while.

Photos – top left: League by Veronik Avery, top right: First Fair Isle by Yu Cu, bottom left: Stasis by Leila Raabe, bottom right: hastily recoloured image of colourblock Stasis






May the 4th be with you!

Now, I was planning on writing yet another boring WIPs post today. Boring, because – as it seems usual – I haven’t managed to get so much done on the knitting front lately. Then I received a link from my Mom telling me about a Star Wars model exhibition at her library… weird, hey? I mean, my Mom and Star Wars in the library? Then it dawned on me, oh, it’s May 4th, that day when you are supposed to pull out you inner geek.

This train of thought sort of predictably prompted me to do a quick search on Star Wars related knitting. And wow, I cannot stop myself from reflecting on how amazingly committed and creative people are when it comes to joining knitting and galactic geekiness. And here I am complaining about knitting some horses on a hat…

These two mittens just made my day, I wish I had the time and the patience, as I know exactly who they would make laugh real hard! The ones on the left are the Chewie Mittens, and on the right Scoundel Mittens, both by Therese Sharp whose Ravelry page you might want to check out for more funky mittens.

“The double knitting technique is great. It has a light side, and a dark side, it binds the scarf together…” says notanicedragon. Well I don’t know about how great it is to actually execute double knitting (might try it some day), but I’m sure that if somebody gifted me with a Star Wars Double Knit Scarf, I would have the same incredulous face as the lucky recipient on this Ravelry knitter‘s photo. This is a free pattern by the way, and I’d say it’s also worth looking at additions and variations made by other knitters.


Photo credit: Tortricoli

p.s. Anette was really kind to share her blog/website in a comment. I’m going to post it here, so it is more visible. May the Forth Be With You Party compiles all sorts of fun craft ideas to though you perfect Star Wars-themed party!