Textures. Full stop. – 3 Gorgeous textured knitting patterns

I have a confession to make. Knitting (and I like to think it wasn’t age…) has considerably changed my taste in, well, knitwear. In general, I’ve been known for wearing bold colours, like, all the time, as well as for consciously avoiding plain white, grey, and especially black. Man, I used to hate black with a passion – this, after going through a brief period of wearing nothing else but black during my teenage years.

I remember when I picked up the needles a few years ago, my ultimate goal was to be able to knit those funky colourwork patterns. Then one day I decided to have a go at a cable cardigan: Aidez, a free pattern created by Cirilia Rose for Berroco. Although I quite liked the cardigan, I think the main reason I wanted to knit it was to try my hands at all those fancy looking cable stitches; plus the pattern was free.

Now, that was over two years ago, and by now 1) I’ve learnt to appreciate both the practicality and the beauty of more subdued and natural colours. Beige and the different shades of grey are so easy to wear with literally anything. I’m still not convinced about plain black though. 2) I’ve become completely addicted to the different textures one can create with knit fabric. They are both gorgeous and exciting. I guess, I will in no way go for plain and simple. Even if the colours are subdued, there has to be something “special” or “different” about my clothes. I don’t think I’ll be knitting plain stockinette sweaters anytime soon – and not that there’s anything wrong with them.

In accordance with the above, it was no wonder I wanted my top-down knitalong sweater to have an all-over stitch pattern on the body. But it goes without saying that I’m no professional designer. Mental note: I really really have to invest in a few good stitch dictionaries – recommendations welcome.

All this prelude was necessary to create enough “suspense” before I show you my newest finds: three patterns that so blow me away. All three of them were written for Woolfolk’s new yarn quality, TOV, and two are in fact found in the TOV Collection (on Ravelry)The whole collection is exceptional, but these days I mostly seem to be into repetitive geometrical stuff, so my absolute favourites are Bue by Nele Redweik and Rille by Olga Buraya-Kefelian.

Bue is a cool vest/sleeveless sweater that I can see myself layering over blouses and thinner long sleeve tops. I don’t think I ever wore anything like this, but I have to say I quite like the idea. But the main thing is the cable pattern. Isn’t it just so dreamy-flowy and mesmerizing? I might prefer the west in a more drapy and slightly more fluffy-cuddly yarn though.


Photo credit: Woolfolk

Rille is the simplest of beanies that in a way reminds me of Gudrun Johnston’s Hermaness Worsted. It seems to have a similar wave pattern, without the lacey bit. I have absolutely loved knitting the Hermaness, and I really like the clean and simple wave stitch in Rille.


The third design I’m absolutely in love with is the Open Waters cowl by Melanie Berg, which was incidentally also created for the TOV yarn. Just how cool is it? The pattern is published in No.2 of the Making magazine, which I hope will make its way to one of the shops here in Wellington.


Photo credit: Melanie Berg

P.S.: I thought I’d add some árbore·do·fogo shop news here. I’ve been busy working on new designs as well as taking photos, posting on Instagram and developing some sort of a work routine. With respect to last time, now I have three new items in the shop: the Mighty Fox necklace, the Banana Love necklace and a new colour version of Golden Star. Click through to have a look if you fancy.



So it looks like it’s officially spring in New Zealand. First the new lambs and calves were born, and, I must tell you, they have been a delight to see during last month’s bike rides. Then we daylight saving came, so now there is light until later in the evening. And, finally, on Wednesday I set out for a run leaving my long sleeve top at home for the first time in months, and actually felt hot. 

These signs all point into thr same direction: I’d better get started on a summer top soon if I don’t want to be left without it one more year. What shall it be though? Previously I’d gathered a list of short sleeves and tank tops, but of course there are always new favourites.

If you remember the photo of my yarn sale acquisitions, you’d have spotted a cone of violet yarn. My impression is that it is some sort of a merino-cotton blend with some possum in it, something (or exactly?) like Zealana Kiwi

In my mind this yarn wants to become a Waterlily top. Although it somehow got left out of my original list, I’d been eyeing this tee for quite a while. The only thing I’m not so convinced with is the neck shaping. I think I’d prefer the neck to be round instead of the slight V-shape and, perhaps, a bit wider. I’m also secretly hoping that once I’ve knitted this type of bottom up tee with some lace, I’ll be confortable to make up my own variations. See all this self confidence coming from my #fringeandfriendskal2016 experience?

Waterlily by Meghan Fernandes. Photo credit: Juju Vail

My other long time plan has been to conjure up a top with a drawstring at the neck. I once tried on one of these and it seemed quite flattering, never owned one though. So I was jumping up and down with excitement a few days ago when I discovered Purl Soho’s Drawstring Camisole pattern. I was delighted to see how they came up with the same solutions I was thinking for the neck, so now I’m confident I can make it work. Although, knowing myself, I just won’t go for plain old stockinette. Have to add some texture.

Drawstring Camisole by Purl Soho

Summer dreams…

I spent a good part of this morning tweaking the curved back cable on the Coda sweater, which is now done! Hurray! But, truth be told, amongst the rather exceptional and almost incessant Wellington sunshine over the past week, I couldn’t help myself thinking how I – again – missed out on knitting at least one summer top. Of course, I can blame this on a combination the sudden change of seasons (due to our move), my slow knitting pace and unattainable queue. Conclusion: better planning is needed. Meanwhile, I leave here a few new and old favourites – sometime I might actually get to where some of them:


  1. Delineate by Olga Buraya-Kefelian from the latest issue of the Pompom Quarterly. This is actually the piece that started me on thinking of knit summer tops a few weeks ago. I just love the back! I’m not so fond of the V-neck though, so if I am to knit this, that shall probably go.

  2. Lemon by Helga Isager. I love everything about this top, it’s just so much me. Unfortunately, this seems to be one of those difficult-if-not-impossible to find patterns out there. Any ideas?

  3. Amélie by Gudrun Johnston. Oh well, yet another pattern by Gudrun I like. This is more of a style I used to go for years back – still, this top can be such a classic, casual but elegant basic item of ones wardrobe. I’m I not right?
  4. 夏 – Xia (Summer) by Kessa Tay Anlin. I favourited this one on Ravelry ages ago. Another classic girly top.

  5.  Jasmine Tea by Amanda Bell. Ok, I’m not sure this is a look I’d go for, but there’s something intriguing about this kind of lacy tops. I’d just really like to knit one, don’t ask me why. Well just to see how it works…
  6. Kit Camisole by Bristol Ivy. So simple, so cosy, so summery. No idea what it would look on me though.

p.s.: Dear Northern Hemisphere friends, do not despair of the cold, rain and snow, just think that you are lucky to be in time to start summer wardrobe planning!