My woolventures: Hermaness worsted

Knitting hats or beanies is probably most knitters’ favourite thing. Depending on the pattern, it can be a no-brainier or pose some challenge, allowing to learn some new technique, stitch pattern or design element. Regardless of the difficulty, though, any project can be completed in a day or over a weekend, bringing instant satisfaction. Plus no seaming is necessary.

I myself love beanies – and sometimes think it is a shame that I don’t really live in a climate where wearing beanies is absolutely necessary. As a matter of fact, I mostly use them to keep my head warm when my hair is wet – when walking home from the pool or heading for some drinks after a run+shower. Regardless I simply cannot resist the temptation and keep making them.

After having successfully made the L’Arbre hat designed by Cirilia Rose and made available as the second Fringe hatalong I had had my eye on the Gudrun Johnston’s Hermaness Worsted, the 3rd pattern in the series. I had even had the yarn, which by coincidence I had acquired to swatch for the same designer’s Little Wave cardigan. The project had been on hold though for quite some time.

Finally, last weekend, as I was heading to Amsterdam, I decided it was time to cast on. Currently I’m working on a version of the aforementioned cardigan (with a different yarn) as well as a Carpino sweater by Carol Feller. Both projects seem to take an eternity to complete, plus at their current state, they are already a bit too bulky (to my liking) to carry around, and especially to work on while in my not to spacious seat in-flight.

I cast on while waiting for my connection in Madrid and completed the ribbing, as well as started the lace pattern on the flight. The rest of the hat was finished over a peaceful weekend of knitting and reading (on my brand new Kindle paperwhite – which I’m just loving, and which now poses a serious threat to my knitting time). Some knitting was even done on the train while on our way to Hoorn.



I have to say I really enjoyed this pattern. It is much is fun to knit – rather refreshing in the midst of aiming to finish up the stockinette sleeves of the Carpino. Easy enough to memorize, but also entertaining. And I’m completely in love with the result! The shape and the size of the hat are just perfect. Now I’m sort of intrigued to see how the original version of the beanie knitted in fingering weight yarn might turn out. But that should most probably wait…




Pattern: Hermaness Worsted by Gudrun Johnston

Yarn: ~1.7 skeins of Drops Nepal (in colourway 500 – pearl grey)

Needles: 4 mm and 4.5 mm