November WIP and queue check

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Wow, I’ve just checked and I haven’t written a WIP post since June. That’s a long time! I almost cannot believe it. Actually – with the exception of the Baya shawl – I haven’t even worked on any of the projects mentioned there. Oh well.

So what I currently have on my needles are:

  1. The “Improvised” top-down sweater. This project was inspired by the knitalong organized by Karen from the Fringe Association blog. I’m ever so grateful for the initiative, as I feel like I’ve learnt so much (and will learn even more) from coming up with a sweater design and trying to knit it all by myself, following Karen’s very well written instructions and tips. For now the project is looking pretty good, and “only” the most boring part, aka. the sleeves are left to finish. I will probably write a last wrap-up post about this sweater once it’s finished.
  2.  Waterlily tee. I’ve mentioned repeatedly on the blog that I’ve been dying to knit some tops I can wear in summer. I missed out on it last year, but I’m determined to be better prepared now. That is why two weeks ago, while we were away in Auckland for a week, I put aside the top-down sweater – except for the time it took to write up the blog post about it – and cast on the Waterlily. The yarn I’m using is the purple cotton and possum blend I had picked up at the factory yarn sale back in May. I had my doubts as to the yarn becoming too fuzzy or being too warm, but it is knitting up as the softest and most wonderful fabric. Also, it is a delight to be knitting the endless rounds of stockinette for the body – a few inches left until I’m supposed to divide for the sleeves and start the lace panel.
  3. Little Wave Cardigan. Those who’ve been following this blog know that after a long long long time of knitting, abandonment and knitting, I’d finished a grey version of this cardigan for Chan. My plan had always been to knit myself one too. We will have to coordinate well to not show up anywhere both dressed in our Little Waves – that would be pretty ridiculous, but I so like this pattern, and since I bought it, it would be silly not to knit another one. While Chan’s was made in grey merino, mine will be a rust coloured alpaca and wool blend. So not that similar after all. I only have the yoke and the shawl collar to go, but since winter is over, this has become less of a priority right now.

Considering the advanced state of all these projects, it looks like once I round them up one after the other, I’ll be in for an FO shower! I can’t wait for that!

Abandoned projects – how shameful it feels to even write this down:

  1. Striated cowl. I started this cowl for several practical reasons, which included using up yarn that was left over from a sweater project, making good use of a pattern I already owned, and, last but not least, to have an easy on the go knitting project that I can carry with me and work on whenever I have a bit of time. By now I managed to realize that I might just frog it and use the yarn for something else. I’ll give it some more thought when I get there.
  2. Knitting basket. No advances on this project either. I’ll definitely have to frog the one I started, and I might try and use the felted yarns I bought at the yarn sale. Those should yield much sturdier containers. Again, this will have to wait at least until we move to our new home hopefully sometime towards the end of this year.

árbore·do·fogo news

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June WIP and queue check

I think not even I myself believe it, but I have managed to tick off to item from my WIP list since last time. These are the Coda sweater and the Little Wave cardigan. In fact, if we want to be strict, the second is still missing buttons and I have yet to get Chan model it in daylight to take some pics. But hey, it is time for a new list!

  1. Baya shawl by Mindi Wilkes: Surprise, surprise, this item has sneakily leapt to the top of my list. I never said a word of it, but I’ve sort of had a secret fancy for this shawlette, and I guess I really wanted to knit something colourful after the big grey Little Wave. Also, I’ve been dying to try my hands at some proper lace, and I might have accidentally  bought yarn for this project in the recent past (you know about trying to rationalize the shipping cost on mail orders…). Anyway, I swatched and now I’m knitting endless rows of lace.
  2. Striated cowl: My on the go project has grown considerably, but now it is on hold. For two reasons: 1) it is grey, 2) I’m using the 3.5 mm needles for the Baya, so I don’t think I’ll be back to this until at least the lace section is finished. But I was in no hurry anyway.
  3. Knitting basket: I haven’t laid my eyes on this project since the last WIP post. No advances, unfortunatelly.

I think right now I’m quite comfortable with what is on my needles, with no feelings of desperation as to finishing anything, just knitting away. The next bigger project I’m going to cast on for once the Baya is done will be my own Little Wave cardigan. Other than that, I have a few smaller things in mind, which can become my next on the go projects, but more on that later.



May WIPs and queue check

Here comes the dreaded WIP post. I’ve just checked, and it’s been two months since the last one. Really not that much material advance has been made since then. I have already told the story of my at last finished Karusellen hat. It took literally three hats-worth of knitting, frogging and re-knitting to finish this one, so I guess, that makes for a few weeks of knitting time. It was totally worth it though! So, with the Karusellen off the needles, here is the rest of the news from the knitting front:

1. Coda sweater: Is almost finished. When I started this project, I wasn’t exactly sure if the yarn (originally to become something else) would be enough. So it happens, it wasn’t. I ran out of yarn upon knitting the right sleeve, and decided to save the day, by frogging and re-knitting the left sleeve, so now both sleeves are shorter than they should be, but at least they are equal length. I’ve just finished up the seaming together the pieces, and lo and behold, the sweater fits! It is perhaps a bit weird in the back, but hopefully the situation will improve after blocking. Now I’m left with the neck ribbing (is there enough yarn???), and our favourite weaving in yarn ends. All is looking (fairly) goof got finished sweater to be no.2!

Mental note: I shouldn’t forget that Chan would make a terrible fashion photographer. No more attempts at wearing FOs for photos.

2. Striated scarf: With the Karusellen done, this is my new knit-on-the-go project, and a much more suitable one too. To be honest, I’ve even cheated a little, and have been knitting this at home a bit, enjoying the mindless stitching away, not having to pay attention to more than the rhythmic alternations of stitches. No row and counts, no several pages long pattern to follow. With that said, I’m almost halfway done and using leftover yarn from the Carpino. There you go stash!

3. Knitting basket: So this was the improvised project with NZ wool, which I was so proud of. Well… I have conveniently packed it away a few weeks back when we were having people over for barbecue, and haven’t even looked at it since. The fact is, I’ve used up all my yarn, which means it is time for assessment.  And  I have to say, I don’t find the result entirely satisfying. Simply the basket is not firm enough, and I would also like it to be taller. Regarding the firmness issue, I have to try and felt a swatch and see what happens. In terms of shape/size, now that I’m on the frogging spree though, I might as well take the courage and start all over again, with a smaller circumference, so the same amount of yarn yield a taller and more bucket-like shape. I guess, I can also try going down in needle size, which might help with firmness.

4. Little Wave Cardigan: No progress whatsoever, but sooon! With the Code almost finished, this is going to jump to the top of the list!!!