May WIPs and queue check

Here comes the dreaded WIP post. I’ve just checked, and it’s been two months since the last one. Really not that much material advance has been made since then. I have already told the story of my at last finished Karusellen hat. It took literally three hats-worth of knitting, frogging and re-knitting to finish this one, so I guess, that makes for a few weeks of knitting time. It was totally worth it though! So, with the Karusellen off the needles, here is the rest of the news from the knitting front:

1. Coda sweater: Is almost finished. When I started this project, I wasn’t exactly sure if the yarn (originally to become something else) would be enough. So it happens, it wasn’t. I ran out of yarn upon knitting the right sleeve, and decided to save the day, by frogging and re-knitting the left sleeve, so now both sleeves are shorter than they should be, but at least they are equal length. I’ve just finished up the seaming together the pieces, and lo and behold, the sweater fits! It is perhaps a bit weird in the back, but hopefully the situation will improve after blocking. Now I’m left with the neck ribbing (is there enough yarn???), and our favourite weaving in yarn ends. All is looking (fairly) goof got finished sweater to be no.2!

Mental note: I shouldn’t forget that Chan would make a terrible fashion photographer. No more attempts at wearing FOs for photos.

2. Striated scarf: With the Karusellen done, this is my new knit-on-the-go project, and a much more suitable one too. To be honest, I’ve even cheated a little, and have been knitting this at home a bit, enjoying the mindless stitching away, not having to pay attention to more than the rhythmic alternations of stitches. No row and counts, no several pages long pattern to follow. With that said, I’m almost halfway done and using leftover yarn from the Carpino. There you go stash!

3. Knitting basket: So this was the improvised project with NZ wool, which I was so proud of. Well… I have conveniently packed it away a few weeks back when we were having people over for barbecue, and haven’t even looked at it since. The fact is, I’ve used up all my yarn, which means it is time for assessment.  And  I have to say, I don’t find the result entirely satisfying. Simply the basket is not firm enough, and I would also like it to be taller. Regarding the firmness issue, I have to try and felt a swatch and see what happens. In terms of shape/size, now that I’m on the frogging spree though, I might as well take the courage and start all over again, with a smaller circumference, so the same amount of yarn yield a taller and more bucket-like shape. I guess, I can also try going down in needle size, which might help with firmness.

4. Little Wave Cardigan: No progress whatsoever, but sooon! With the Code almost finished, this is going to jump to the top of the list!!!

March WIPs

The last two posts on the blog were about plans and sometimes and maybes. However, while dreaming is nice, with so much on my needles, I should not consider for real starting any new major projects at all…

During the last few weeks, instead of turning out any FOs, I managed to cast on two new projects. Clearly, I’m deviating from my unwritten rule of having one major project (i.e. something taking up more than 100g yarn) happening at the same time. So let’s see how things are going:

  1.  Coda sweater: This one is actually getting close to completion – although I have my doubts about how much of a happy ending it will be. In fact, at this stage I’m rather frustrated as I had to rework the back completely. Mastering short rows was not a problem at all, but grafting the curved cables together turned out to be mission impossible – as I had initially suspected. Eventually, I managed to find an alternative solution (I plan to describe this in detail in a later post..), and what is missing now is to complete the right sleeve. What I’m not sure about is whether the yarn I have in my possession will actually be enough (I started this project a bit on a whim using yarn that was originally destined to become something else). Anyway, I guess I’ll tackle the new problem when/if I get there.
  2. Karusellen Hat: This pattern by Erika Smith (E. Knits) had been on my wishlist for a while, and after discovering Skeinz’ beautiful and squashy  Heritage Silver Lining NZ merino yarn, I just couldn’t resist the temptation any more. On a side note, I discovered that a carry-on knitting project is a good way to make long car commutes from our new home to town more bearable (thanks to Chan doing the driving, of course). Oh, and I also managed to raise a flight attendant’s curiosity knitting in-flight last weekend. So the hat is now almost finished – only some more rows for the crown and the pompom missing.
  3. Knitting basket: I justify getting started on this one with the fact that yarn balls and knitting accessories are constantly scattered around in the surroundings of our couch in a rather untidy manner. I mean, you really need something nice and decorative to store your knitting, and what better than making it yourself, right? I had previously posted about my knitting-for-the-home plans, and this was of course one of them. Eventually, I went for knitting instead of crocheting, although now I’m not sure if this really was a good idea. I’m finding that, although the – totally improvised – project is looking nice, the basket/bucket is not firm enough. I think I’ll knit a swatch and try felting it in the washing machine to see what happens. By the way, again I’m using NZ yarn for this one: Skeinz Southlander, which is a rather natural and sturdy looking wool yarn designed to give a homespun feel.
  4. Little Wave Cardigan: The cardigan still hasn’t seen any progress, and I’d better finish the Coda and resume this project if I want to see Chan sporting it this winter.



New year, new plans..

Now, it might just be a bit late for new year posts, but it seems like something that’s due after the longish period of silence on the blog.

Just to provide some excuses, December and January have been kind of overwhelming. It would not be entirely correct to say that much was going on at the same time, but it was still overwhelming. I had some teaching and marking on my hands, and I had my thesis defence on the 18th (yeai I’m a doctor now…), and finally, after a week we spent in Tenerife,  away from the madness, I had to start packing up my stuff to move no less than to literally the other side of the world. So now I’m in Wellington, NZ, which remarkably is just a few hundred kms away from the exact antipode of Coruña.


As one can imagine, not much knitting got done in the above mentioned period, still, just the day before yesterday I managed to finish whatever little work was left to do of my Carpino Sweater. I’ll write about it in more detail in a future post, for now, here is a photo of the FO (still unblocked):


The Carpino Sweater fresh off the needles

This means that some queue check is due:

  1. The Coda sweater by Olga Buraya-Kefelian. As I explained in a previous post, I had made up my mind to use the Alpaca yarn originally bought for the Reversible Rivulet Scarf to knit this cropped spring sweater. It was going to be my in-flight knit on the way to Wellies, but eventually I had cast on and completed much of the stockinette body during our trip to Tenerife, while I did not touch the needles during our long flight here. Now that the Carpino is done, it’s sweater 2 on the go.
  2. The Little Wave cardigan by Gudrun Johnston. Poor Chan, his cardigan is still on hold, as I’m more excited about the Coda right now. But I shall still resume work on this piece soon (fingers crossed). To the record, I should aim not to knit in dark black/grey colours, it’s not very inspiring.

Other plans:

  1. The lady version of the Little Wave cardigan by Gudrun Johnston. Still dying to knit it and still loving the yarn.
  2. If you read my previous WIP post, you know that I was on the verge of completing a version of the Rib-Wise Tank by the Purl Soho. Well, now I kind of decided that I don’t really like the result, so I might as well just frog it, and make something else instead. I’m not sure if it’s the yarn (alpaca-silk blend) or what, but I just cannot see myself wearing it. A pity, thinking of the countless knitting hours.. but, I guess it’s better to make something that I would actually use. For a while, I’ve been contemplating the idea of knitting a Fair Isle-ish sweater, and now I’m thinking the yarn from the Tank can just be part of that plan – I have more of the same quality in stash in cream as well as other violetish-purplish shades. Just need to settle on a pattern.
  3. I need to think of more stash reducing measures. I have been playing around with some ideas to commit some very bright coloured superwash merino I thought at some point it was good idea to experiment with. These include making Christmas decoration, which did not happen last year and/or some colourwork cowl/gloves. I haven’t quite settled on anything, but the Akari mittens by Tatiana Sarasa from Amirisu Winter 2015 seem to be a good starting point for inspiration for some fun knit.

Loving this photo of the Akari mittens

P.S.: I remembered that at some point in December I made a version of the Hermaness Hat in fingering weight yarn. I don’t quite have a proper photo, and I think it must be sitting in one of the boxes slowly making their way over here in a container…